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Get back to business the smart way. Put your business on local TV now. PRIMEDIA has pre-negotiated ad spot rates on over 750 local TV stations nationwide including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox network stations.

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PRIMEDIA is a full service Media, Marketing and Sales Agency offering over 600 Local TV Stations nationwide – ready to go now.  PRIMEDIA is not remnant advertising.  It’s media during the day, evenings, overnights, and weekends. And not on irrelevant stations.  It’s top stations in EVERY local market across the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW stations.  In addition, EVERY has an AC Nielsen audited impression – or we simply do not offer it to our clients.

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If you are a business and can still offer products and services to the general public, then you need to know that according to an AC Nielsen recent study TV Viewership is up 60 percent right now.  At PRIMEDIA we are, of course, sensitive to everything that is going on in the country today and want everyone to stay safe.  We also know Americans are strong and will get past this.  In addition, we’re sympathetic to individuals and businesses that are going to suffer financial hardship because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  If you can still advertise in this time of crisis, PRIMEDIA is here for you.  Professional TV Commercials prepared at no extra cost to you.  Even branded spots. 


You can just buy media or you can buy “PRIMEDIA” and get a whole host of FREE services.

We’re here to help American Businesses get back on track.  There is no media company in the country today to offer pre-negotiated ad spot rates on over 600 local TV stations nationwide.   AND, now for a limited time, all of our enhanced services will be provided AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  That’s right, you pay only for the media and with minimum budget commitments all our additional services will be provided FREE. 

Expert Media
Buying Services

Proprietary media buying software and pre-negotiated rates on 600 TV stations.

Full analytics

All media buys broken down by station ie. cost per call, cost per lead, cost per appointment, cost per acquisition and ROI.

TV Commercial Production

Complete script writing, audio and video production. We also offer plug and play commercial services.

Outbound Short or Missed Call Backs

We do call-backs on all calls where a lead is not captured.

Distribution TV Commercials

We take care of getting your commercial delivered to TV Stations.

Text message

Automatic text message campaign follow-ups with clients.

Real Time Call Routing Platform

We track and monitor all calls coming in. You can see and hear all the calls that come in off your campaign.

Marketing Consulting

Our team of experts will guide you and give your sound advice on your campaign

Press Releases

On branded campaigns we will create a press release that goes to 800 Media Outlets nationwide.

Call Center Services

Our partner company, Answer First, can answer your calls 24/7

Success Stories

“When we first met PRIMEDIA we were barely breaking even on our ED Treatment Center advertising. They took their template commercial, put our name into it and then ran in our local market. Our ROI went to 4 to 1 and they also shared knowledge of success stories and tips that other ED Treatment Centers were using to help us out.”
“Our Tax Business went from doing a 2.5 to 1 to a 6.4 to 1 by buying TV and Radio calls from PRIMEDIA……and they helped with scripts and provided a whole host of free services to help us improve profits. They even called back our missed/short calls at no extra charge…”
“Our furniture store had always thought about running on local TV, but we really did not know where to start. PRIMEDIA showed us a media schedule and then made a TV spot for us. We then ran in-store promotions that had better traffic than any advertising we did on radio or with newspapers….”

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