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The National proof of TV's Power and popularity

  • Social Media
  • Radio
  • News Papers
  • TV
Pros Cons
• Low Cost
• What are you really buying -- no verified audience
• A Lot of Sites
• Avg CPM on Facebook is $11.20
• Can Be Local
• Avg view time on Facebook is 10 seconds
• Who puts together ads and do they have experience
• Not scalable with small amounts of money
• Part of total program, but not running your business on it
Pros Cons
• Typically can find low CPM’s on some stations
• Larger networks are charging high CPM’s
• Immediacy
• Stations throw in low or no audiences to lower CPM
• Commercial Production is low cost if any
• Not for a visual product or service
• Repeat messages in a short period of time
• Radio audiences are younger
• Younger audience have less buying power
• Not Local
Pros Cons
• Low Cost
• Newspapers are dying
• Immediate Exposure
• Page placement is everything
• Verified Circulation
• Who puts together ads and do they have experience?
• Low CPM’s on small ads
• Costly to repeat your message over a short period of time
• Can be local
• View time of an ad can be less than a couple of seconds
Pros Cons
• “Picture Says a Thousand Words” – Very Visual
• Not for Local Businesses –TV Covers an entire market
• Older Audiences
• Without PRIMEDIA, TV commercial production costs can be very high
• Buying Power is Much Higher with Older Audiences
• Not subject to streaming, DVR or fast forwarding
• Covers ALL platforms ie Cable, Dish, Direct TV, Over The Air, etc
• Dramatically Low CPM’s on Digital Substations
• Commercial Production can be FREE with PRIMEDIA
• Immediacy
• Repeat messages in a short period of time
• Controlled Spot Distribution
• AC Nielsen Verified Viewing Audiences
• For Direct Response Clients – Very Low Cost Per Call
• For Direct Response Clients – Very Low CPA
• For Direct Response Clients – Very HIGH ROI
• For Branding & Retail Clients – Reach Thousands More For Less
• Scalable to Help Your Business Grow


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